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🔒 At Privacy Quest, we hold a firm belief that privacy is a fundamental human right. Our purpose is to empower individuals to become digital guardians, armed with the knowledge and skills to protect against the ever-evolving digital threats. Through bite-sized gamified learning modules, aptly named quests, we guide you on the path to becoming a privacy engineer, sprinkling in friendly competitions and immersive storytelling experiences along the way.

🌟 But our journey doesn't end there. Inspired by the transformative impact of cybersecurity games, we introduced Privacy CTF competitions, diving deep into real-world privacy challenges. Privacy Quest is more than just games; it's a thriving community where you can connect with fellow privacy enthusiasts, sharing your triumphs and overcoming challenges together.

💡 Join us at Privacy Quest, where geekiness and privacy merge in extraordinary and heartwarming ways. Together, we're crafting a safer and more privacy-conscious digital societies.

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Step into the festival realm – the digital village we've curated for you: welcome to the Privacy Quest Village! Since #DataPrivacyDay on January 2023, we have been diligently crafting ideas and projects aimed at uniting the privacy community. Especially those with creative backgrounds and enthusiasts of geek culture, science fiction, and gaming. Our mission is to cultivate a culture of creative privacy, using unique approaches to spread awareness in unprecedented ways.

Get ready for a month-long celebration at Privacy Quest Village, where games and events dedicated to Privacy Engineering & AI Governance await. Kicking off on the 18th of January and concluding on the 18th of February at Privacy Quest Village! Join us in this immersive experience where a variety of games and events dedicated to Privacy Engineering & AI Governance await.

Join the event now to save your spot on limited-capacity events such as privacy role-playing games, board game nights, and pop-up privacy quiz nights. 👇

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📣 Festival Program & Guideline

Every week, we’ll conduct online events on platforms like Discord channel, Zoom, and YouTube Live, providing opportunities for learning and networking. Additionally, exciting games and competitions will take place here on the PQ Platform, offering a dynamic and engaging experience for all participants.

Welcome to this year’s theme: The Battle for AI!

Choose your faction wisely, whether you’re an AI Fundamentalist exploring the bright possibilities or delving into the darker realms with the AI Apocalypse faction. Engage in missions designed to spread privacy to family and friends.

DPD24FEST Community Guide

Greetings privacy folks, as #DATAPRIVACYDAY’24 (Jan 28th) is upon us, what better time to start celebrating with some creative privacy magic to create more awareness than ever around privacy and cyber security?

You can always reach out to the PQ team at mert@privacyquest.org for any questions or join the Discord channel to keep up with everything happening during the festival.

Take things at your own speed. The month-long duration of the festival is intentional. We’re committed to crafting a flexible program, allowing you to seamlessly participate based on your schedule – drop in and out as it suits you best!

Please check out the Community Guide and Faction Guide as a starting point and we will soon release more information!

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Every day, take a small step towards growth with Privacy Quest, where we distill the vast realm of privacy engineering into manageable, bite-sized portions. Our mission? Bridging the privacy skills gap by cultivating highly skilled privacy talents.